Award Studio Media Makeup Training School
Award Studio appreciates that you want the most comprehensive makeup training, in the shortest amount of time, at a very reasonable price. And that is what we give you. In addition, we take an average of 8 students per class and we build a full portfolio of your makeup work using traditional and airbrush makeup including MAC. We also provide actors and models for the class to work on. You have 10 hours of studio and location photo shoots with international photographer Amy Ward. This enables you to present clients with an impressive portfolio. Other schools charge 4-5 times more and tell you to bring your own camera and friends. Clients can see that is not professional work.

Building a Makeup Portfolio
The slide show on this page is the students' work from our six day course. The combination of the students makeup and Amy Ward's photography is that good! This proves that you don't need to spend $14,000 and sacrifice several months of your time in long training programs like many other schools would like you to believe.

Makeup School Director & Photographer
Amy Ward, the founder of Award Studio, has worked internationally in the media and fashion industry for over 20 years as a makeup artist and photographer for major magazines, ads, television and of course, celebrities.

Airbrush Training Program
     Media technology is constantly advancing. With the switch to digital and high definition mediums for television, video, motion pictures, film and print, the industry has changed beyond all recognition. This requires master skills in airbrushing.
     Award Studio has expanded our training, enabling you to learn the latest airbrush techniques for all types of media assignments, step by step, in a one to one work environment. And you will be airbrushing the actors and models the studio provides for you to build your portfolio. This involves much more skill than just doing makeup that looks good in person. That's why accomplished, media, airbrush makeup artists are paid so much more. If you aren't a master airbrush artist your skills are out of date.

Media Makeup Artists in Demand
     This is a great time to enter the market as a professional media make-up artist. While many other industries are downsizing and laying people off, our industry is virtually unaffected. Television shows continue to air and magazines and motion pictures continue to be produced. In fact most companies increase their advertising when consumer spending slows, in order to encourage more people to purchase their products. If you want to do something you love, that pays well and is always in demand, there is no better time than now to get started. So give us a call now and we'll enroll you in one of our upcoming 6 day classes!  Feel free to contact our director, Amy Ward, who is always happy to answer any questions you may have. (818) 980-2119

Below is what a former student had to say about her experience at Award Studio. Visit the Testimonial page for many more reviews.

     I am going to start off by saying that Amy Ward is one of the most inspirational women I have met. Her first hand experience and ability to express her knowledge is mesmerizing. I am a cosmetologist and have always included myself as being a makeup artist as well. After completing the Media Makeup course at Award Studio I am now so informed of every aspect of the beauty industry that I'm almost ashamed that I considered myself a "makeup artist" before taking the course. Amy truly provides her students with all the knowledge you need to become well rounded and successful in the industry. From providing you access to find work, prestige quality photos to build your portfolio, learning about different lighting and film, how to create the perfect look, professional style photo shoots, advanced techniques, what your roll is as an artist, finances, how to market yourself, and everything in between. You are really allowed to express your individuality and best of all Amy incorporates her professional advice to make everything nothing but the best! It was a true privilege to have learned what I now know from Award Studio and I have no doubts that I have all the tools to become a very successful Makeup Artist. Amy always said "less is best"; and I believe also at Award, you pay so much LESS for the BEST education and future!

Jacque Piotrowski